Stream of Conscious Mess

Experimental Writing Workshop

“I only know that to express this drama I sail very well among fragments, chance finds, the sudden recollection of books, lives, texts, or simply individual sentences that gradually enlarge the dimensions of the labyrinth without a centre”
Bartleby and Co. Enrique Vila-Matas

Writing is about finding yourself and self-expression, yeah? Well it can be. But there are other routes and other options. Utilising a wide range of techniques drawn from modern art and avant-garde literature, (eg found-objects, cut-ups) the aim of the workshop is to apply these oblique strategies to the creative process. Participants can explore these techniques in whichever way they see fit. Some use the workshop purely for fun and diversion, others use it as a way of kick starting the narrative process, others still use it purely in terms of problem solving, addressing writers block, plot issues, etc. The workshop is very flexible, and can last from two hours to an entire day, depending on the requirements of the group. It has run very successfully at major events including the Huddersfield Literature Festival and Liverpool Chapter and Verse Festival, and various creative writing groups in colleges and universities.

Do get in touch if you would like me to bring my stream of conscious mess to your event.
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A Very Irregular Head“Chapman has unravelled the skeins of rumour, exaggeration and anecdote that have been wound so tightly around Barrett… the best book yet about him.”
Sean O’Hagan, The Observer

My Syd Barrett biography, Syd Barrett: A Very Irregular Head was published in the USA on October 26th 2010 by Da Capo Press. It has a very groovy Mick Rock cover as you can see.
ISBN-10: 0306819147
ISBN-13: 978-0306819148

It is also now available as an English language Audio Book - published by Blackstone Audio Books. (ISBN: 144176397X).

More about Syd Barrett: A Very Irregular Head

In the summer of 2012 I was awarded my PhD for service to Sydology. I am now officially Doctor Robert. Should you wish to read the entire 35,000 word doctorate (or indeed any of it) you can find it here.

For the past three years I have been researching and writing a book for Faber and Faber called PSYCHEDELIA AND OTHER COLOURS. It will be published in August 2015. It's not going to be like any other book you've read about psychedelia. As I've said in the intro
"The world really doesn't need another book about the psychedelic sixties, not one that tells the same story about the same bunch of people from the same tired old perspectives at any rate".

So I haven't written that book. I've written a different one instead. From a different perspective. Lots of different perspectives actually. My first draft was 300,000 words. The published work will be nearer 220,000. Lots of the out takes and directors cut stuff will start appearing here from next summer. Watch this space


I am always happy to come and talk about my Syd Barrett biography Syd Barrett: A Very Irregular Head anytime anyplace anywhere. I also run an experimental writing workshop called Stream of Conscious Mess, details on the left.


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Rob Chapman

I thought the internet was looking a bit sparse and lacking in traffic. Writers in particular seem a bit under-represented, so welcome to my Website. I am a music biographer, novelist, and hackademic without portfolio. I used to be a music journalist. Here you will find news about me and my scribbler life and some other stuff too.


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